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Friends of the Alger Theater

Friends of the Alger Theater - e-crit Design Lab - Winter 2002

We were assigned to groups and given a client. I was assigned as the team leader and in the course of a semester, we were to design and implement a working web site from scratch. Starting with basic navigation and design, we produced prototypes, presented them, and worked closely with the client to produce a working website.

Sobriety House - Independent Study - Summer 2001

Working individually, I met with the ExecutiveDirector of Sobriety House on many occasions to create a full working website. I also made several trips to the facilities to shoot the photos found on the site. Within the summer, the site was created and launched.
(This site has since been modified by the director(s) of Sobriety House)

Sobriety House

UDM ReWired

UDM ReWired v1.0 - e-crit Design Lab & Freelance Writing for Print and Web- Fall 2000

The Freelance Writing for Print and Web students wrote the content, the e-crit Design Lab students designed the site. Being enrolled in both courses, I not only provided content, but also participated in the designing and implementation. Working closely with the students in both courses, we developed a coherent and working online magazine modeled after the print magazine, Wired.

Animated gif - e-crit Design Lab - Winter 2002

The assignment was to created an animated gif in Macromedia's Fireworks program based on William Blake's "Fourfold Vision" (as identified by WJT Mitchell). Make connections among four areas of our own lives: personal, academic, popular culture and expertise, we were to tie it all together using an image from Blake. The animated gif condensed the original assignment to reveal a shape or symbol found throughout all of the areas. Along with the animated gif, we were to turn in a justification of why we did what we did.

Animated gif

William Blake's Visions of the Daughters of Albion


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